Photobooth Add-ons

balloon garland

There's something about balloons that make things more fun, you know? Taking it back to our leadership days, creating a balloon arch never left our memory... So let us create something beautiful for you. Balloon garlands specifically for photobooth backdrops will be ONE color. For a more detailed design, head to our Event Styling page.

Pricing starts at $80

outdoor canopy

A little overcast or sprinkle can't get in our way. If your event is taking place outside, we have our outdoor canopy ready. You and your guests need not worry about squinting while perfecting the perfect boomerang. 

Pricing: $100


You know what makes a photo better? PROPS. We have loads of props at our disposal, but if you prefer specific items for your event, let us know, and we'll outsource to make sure everything is on-brand. 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are not providing props at the moment to reduce the risk of contamination. 

unavailable for the rest of 2021

booth attendant

Booth attendant at your service! Suppose you desire an attendant to standby the booth throughout your entire event. In that case, they'll make sure every question or moment doesn't go unnoticed. 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are not providing booth attendants at the moment and are strictly drop-off only. 

unavailable for the rest of 2021

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